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How did we get our name?

When my husband and I got married we only planned on having one child, we did that, and named her Grace.  I was in church when the name came to me, so that was a pretty strong confirmation. Fast forward 5 years we find out we're expecting again, another girl! I thought what could I possibly name her when I've already taken the most beautiful name and given it to my first daughter? So I started looking up other names that meant Grace. I found the name Caris, which is nice and that's the Greek word for Grace..But it was too close to my own name and we had some close friends who had a daughter named Caris. So I continued my search,  and there was "Raelyn" It's a Scottish word that means Grace & lamb, (we are Scottish! Not that it mattered, but helped confirm that Raelyn was the name for her!)
When I started making candles I sat down to make the label, I knew I needed a beautiful name to go along with it.. So i decided to name it after my girls!